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Aggregation debugging flow, what troubles are we having, what have we done, what can be done next.

Written by: Tran V. Chung Oct 15, 2021           4 min read

One day your code still works fine in the local environment but crashes on production. As a programmer, you find what is causing the problem and then fix it. However, the debugging process sometimes consumes a lot of your time and effort.

In this blog, we will talk about our current Iggre Aggregation debugging flow, the difficulties we have been facing, and what can be continued to improve.

Extensible and secure authorization with Nestjs and CASL

Written by: Tri Minh Sep 10, 2021           6 min read

Authorization is the process of determining which action a user can perform in your system. In this blog, we explained about two popular types of authorization: Role-based access control (RBAC) and Attributes-based access control (ABAC). Furthermore, we got our hands dirty by implementing authorization with Nestjs — our main backend framework.

Dynamic form creation and validation with Vuelidate

Written by: Nguyen A. Tuan Oct 1, 2021           5 min read

Using ITMC, users can integrate over 100+ SaaS applications by providing us with their SaaS credentials. We have the system which, on behalf of our users, fetch SaaS data into the database for further processing. Problem is, many SaaS have their unique set of credential attributes that users must enter. In this blog, we walk you through several steps on how we resolve that issue by creating the form dynamically in Vue, with Vuelidate library.

How we leveraged AWS features to secure user sensitive data

Written by: Nguyen A. Tuan Sep 3, 2021           5 min read

ITMC is a SaaS Management Platform, which means we collect and store data from a vast number of SaaS with the goal of enabling SaaS discovery, visibility and automation for organizations. And since the data we collect contains sensitive information, it is crucial that we keep the data safe from all kinds of threats. In this blog, we explained how we leveraged AWS features to secure user sensitive data.

Why did we choose Puppeteer for scraping?

Written by: Haran Rajkumar Sep 17, 2021           4 min read

ITMC allows our clients to manage their SaaS usage. This requires us to obtain data using the the public APIs of the SaaS. However, many SaaS do not expose all the necessary information needed to effectively manage them via API alone. To overcome this, we retrieve the data via web scraping. In this blog, we will go over what is scraping, examples of scraping software and comparisons between them.

Hello World. Technologies behind SaaS Management Platform

Written by: Tran B. V. Son  Aug 27, 2021           7 min read

We envision that our SaaS Management Platform will assist in managing billing, licenses, accounts in the organization, as well as automate the onboarding/off-boarding processes. However, the first version of ITMC is primarily focused on account management. In this blog, we introduced our product architecture, the technologies behind it, and the reasons why we choose these technologies.

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