Secure Your Accounts. Save Time and Money. SaaS Management Made Simple.

As your business grows, so too does your need to manage your SaaS applications.

Don't wait until you are up to your neck in confusing Excel spreadsheets. Chances are, you are already in need of a management platform.

IT Management Cloud (ITMC) is the simple and intuitive tool to do the job well.

SaaS makes life easier at work. But are you managing your SaaS apps effectively?

The ITMC Solution

Free up your time using the Account Dashboard

Check the SaaS account dashboard to easily see a list of users on the SaaS apps, their roles, permissions, login status, and more to keep management time to a minimum.

Simple UI to visualize your costs

View which SaaS apps your employees haven't accessed and find unnecessary accounts, as well as unused or underutilized licenses, that can be deleted to keep costs low.

Discover Shadow ITs effortlessly

See all the SaaS apps used in your business to give you a clear picture of all your costs, discover SaaS apps that breach the rules and new ones to integrate that are already being used by employees.

IT Management Cloud intuitively overcomes your SaaS management challenges for your entire business!

Overcome the Challenges

See the details of each SaaS account

✔️ Show a list of all accounts for each SaaS app

✔️ Show what admin level each account has

✔️ Identify login status and 2FA status

✔️ Display account by type: Internal, External, Admin, Former Employees.

✔️ Get alerts for accounts that need attention

✔️ Visualize cost and SaaS app utilization

Understand the status of each account

✔️ Check the status of employee accounts

✔️ Identify former employees and external partners

✔️ Get alerts for accounts that need attention

Keeping an eye out for shadow IT

✔️ Automatic recommendation of SaaS that can be integrated

✔️ Easy detection of SaaS used in the company

✔️ Easy detection of shadow IT accounts

180+ SaaS app Integrations ... and Counting