Privacy Policy

[Name of the Company]

Money Forward i, Inc.

[Representative of personal information protection]

Representative Director


21F Tamachi Station Tower S, 3-1-21 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023

[Purpose of use of personal information]

The purpose of the use of personal information (as defined in Japanese Act on the Protection of Personal Information) acquired by the company are as follows:

(1) Personal information obtained when customers use our services (Money Forward IT Cloud Management and other services):

Improve our services, and prepare, use, and provide marketing materials after processing personal information in a manner that cannot identify individuals.

(2) Personal information acquired when accepting applications for participation in events, seminars, etc. (including diverse related applications) held by the company and/or other companies, and personal information described in filling out questionnaires:

(3) Personal information obtained when receiving inquiries, opinions, etc.:

(4) Personal information of business partners:

(5) Personal information on published various name lists, personal information publicly available such as on websites, etc., personal information published in various books, newspapers, magazines, etc., and personal information possessed by database operators:

(6) Personal information related to employees and applicants for employment:

(7) Personal information for entrusted duties:

[Matters regarding cases where personal information is scheduled for supply to third parties]

Such cases arise when we provide companies cosponsoring and supporting seminars and events with applicant information (personal names, company names, contact information, etc.) obtained on websites, etc., and information made available from questionnaires collected at venues, on websites, etc. (personal names, company names, contact information, matters written on questionnaire sheets, etc.) for the purpose of understanding participants’ needs and the like as well as providing participants with appropriate information and ensuring smooth communication with them, among other purposes. We will stop offering such personal information to event/seminar cosponsors and supporters if requested to us.

In cases other than the above, we will not provide personal information to third parties except when the relevant person agrees to do so or when we do so based on requirements by laws and regulations.

[Joint use]

The company may use personal information we acquire jointly with other Company Group members in accordance with the following provisions.

- Name, address, gender, date of birth, telephone number, email address, published information

- Company Group members

- Make proposals and provide information regarding services, events, seminars, etc. held by Company Group members.

- Improve services, events, seminars, etc. held by Company Group members, and use personal information for planning them.

- Produce statistical and analytical data through market research, data analysis, implementation of questionnaires, etc.

- Money Forward Inc.

[Commissioning of business duties]

The company may commission the whole or part of the treatment of personal information to the contractors to the extent necessary to execute the objectives of its use.

[Voluntariness of provision of personal information]

The provision of personal information is at the discretion of the relevant individual. If necessary personal information is not provided, however, we may not be able to respond appropriately to the needs of the individual concerned.

[Acquisition of personal information in ways not easily recognized by relevant individual]

The company or third parties may use such Internet technologies as cookies and web beacons within websites to improve the convenience of using websites, obtain access data and other statistical information, and measure the effectiveness of advertisements. We are also collecting IP addresses for the purpose of managing our services. All such information is acquired for the sole purpose of properly and safely managing and operating services on our website and we never obtain personal information not entered by customers.


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