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The Admina Solution

Free up your time using the Account Dashboard

Check the SaaS account dashboard to easily see a list of users on the SaaS apps, their roles, permissions, login status, and more to keep saas management time to a minimum.

Simple UI to visualize your costs

View which SaaS apps your employees haven't accessed and find unnecessary accounts, as well as unused or underutilized licenses, that can be deleted to keep costs low.

Discover Shadow ITs effortlessly

See all the SaaS apps used in your business to give you a clear picture of all your costs, discover SaaS apps that breach the rules and new ones to integrate that are already being used by employees.

Overcome the Challenges

SaaS Cost Management

Get insights into your SaaS spend on one single dashboard

Automatic creation of SaaS portfolio graphs


Employee 3-click off boarding

Simply de-provision unnecessary SaaS accounts

Save time on SaaS management

Other cool features

SaaS account visibility

Employee categorization

Keep track of who has which SaaS account

Keep records of roles and licenses

SaaS usage tracking

Discover Shadow ITs used within your company

Alert for inactive accounts

Simply deprovision unnecessary SaaS accounts

SaaS cost management

SaaS spend tracking

Identify inactive accounts

Service usage map

Customer spotlight

90% reduction in time spent on HR & IT tasks related to employee SaaS accounts

8+ admin hours saved per month

2x reduction in security risks

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Manage SaaS Accounts


Shadow IT detection

Alerts and notifications

SaaS Cost management

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