Diva B Couture cuts onboarding and offboarding time for incoming and outgoing employees by over 90%, stops unnecessary SaaS spend, and reduces the security risks involved with shadow IT by utilizing IT Management Cloud (ITMC).

Headquarters Los Angeles, CA Industry Retail No. of Employees 20-25 No. of SaaS apps <20

The challenges Diva B Couture was playing a guessing game with which employee SaaS accounts were active on which SaaS apps while using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of their accounts. They had no visual representation of their SaaS spending.

The Outcome With ITMC, Diva B Couture has reduced their time spent on provisioning & de-provisioning by 90%, increased their shadow IT detection capability by 100%, and now has clear visuals of their SaaS spend and usage to make their company more efficient and more likely to grow.

90% reduction in time spent on HR & IT tasks related to employee SaaS accounts

8+ admin hours saved per month

2x reduction in security risks

Joseph Muzzin is the Co-founder and CEO of Diva B Couture, a forward-thinking sustainable fashion company that creates zero waste with their apparel, and he was surprised at how easy and intuitive ITMC was to use; he could finally get a concrete look at Diva B Couture's SaaS data rather than relying on hearsay from employees who—as people—are prone to human error. For a company that cares so deeply about the environment, their company's SaaS environment was another concern that we've eliminated from Joseph's mind in order to make his company as resourceful and efficient as their fashion.

Time put to better use ITMC was so crucial for Diva B Couture that Joseph called it their "centralized management." ITMC showed him all of his employees' software stacks on one screen under the Accounts tab, and vice versa—he could view all of the employee accounts by app in a detailed list on the Services tab. For Joseph, it wasn't unheard of to "have to log into employees' emails, go through emails, search for the applications they have access to, log in, figure out passwords..." The deprovisioning process was so laborious that "one deprovisioning might take 25 minutes," Joseph shared.

The visuals they needed to manage SaaS spend Joseph integrated his QuickBooks account with ITMC to set up Diva B Couture's Cost Management dashboard on ITMC. In the past, Joseph had "used Salesforce to do visual representations of customer journeys and conversion rates," but "ITMC was the first time that we were given visual representations of our software costs versus just, you know, typical linear data." Not an IT manager himself, "it was actually really nice; it was a really easy process to integrate all those costs." Having visual representations of his company's budget and SaaS spend and cost management tools, Joseph emphasized that it "minimized costs to make us more efficient and gave us a lot more control over internal costs and deriving unique insights."

Discovering shadow IT and how important it is to know about it Because ITMC has shadow IT detection as a staple of the system, it gave Diva B Couture a new perspective on why it's important to be aware of where employees are creating accounts using their work emails as they didn't have a formalized policy to stop employees from signing up for new apps using their work emails. "If someone used their work email to sign up for an app, we wouldn't get a notification; we would have no idea," Joseph said. "The ability to see where our company domain is connected to on the internet, identify security risks—that capability has increased 100% because we didn't have any of it before." ITMC's user interface made it easy for Joseph to find all the information he needed about shadow IT within Diva B Couture on one dashboard.