A new standard for managing the growing number of SaaS in your company

Don't you love to use SaaS more & more because of its convenience?

However, it does creates a chaotic situation where you don't know who in your company is using what

Visualize it, secure it, and master it.

The IT Management Cloud can help you do that.

SaaS makes work more convenient. But With more SaaS comes Chaos

Challenges of increasing SaaS

Don't know what SaaS is being used within the company

SaaS are being adopted not only by IT departments, but also by other business units within the company, making it very difficult to create an in-house list of all SaaS in use, and in many cases, no such list exists.

Don't know who has an account

As people are assigned accounts at various times, such as when they join, move, or leave a company, it is difficult to visualize who has which account for which service and with what authority.

Shadow IT Risks

Shadow IT is more prevalent than you think. It's not uncommon to find a new SaaS offering that you didn't even know was being used, making it difficult to take action.

IT management cloud solves these SaaS challenges!

Give it a try!

Solving the Challenges

Understanding the usage of each SaaS

✔️ Possible to check permissions for each user

✔️ Identify retirees and external partners

✔️ Alert on risky accounts

✔️ Cost visualization (to be released this fall)

Understanding the usage status of each employee

✔️ Possible to check the status of your employees' accounts

✔️ Identify retirees and external partners

✔️ Alert on risky accounts

Keeping an eye out for shadow IT

✔️ SaaS detection from login information

✔️SaaS detection from payment information

100+ Integrations

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